I’m here to help you long-term

I love to work as an extension of your company by learning the heartbeat of your organization to expand your brand potential. My goal is to develop a strategic relationship marketing plan for your unique business.

As a Hubspot Certified Gold Partner, I develop a strategic Relationship Marketing plan specific to your unique business. My goal is to develop a strategy that helps you attract more prospects, generate more leads and close more sales with your ideal personas.

What are the methods I use?

A big part of what I do is teach the methods of Relationship Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

Relationship Marketing focuses on building long lasting relationships with your ideal client where Inbound Marketing earns attention of your ideal audience by providing helpful and useful content.

Services I offer:

Business Consulting and Coaching

Buyer Persona Development

Social Media Training

Social Media Marketing and Management

Website Strategy

Marketing Strategy Development

Competitive Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

Video Production

So whether you’re looking for business consulting or assistance in keeping up with the latest in Relationship Marketing I am here to help.

Ready to Get Started? Download the Guide to Getting Started with Relationship Marketing!

Have you been thinking about taking your businesses online marketing strategies to an inbound model? Are you ready to improve your Smarketing (Smart-Sales and Marketing) Plan? Let’s get started by asking a few questions.

Who are you wanting to target?

When we ask this question we mean more than just WHO. We also mean what persona (fictional character based around your ideal customer’s traits). You want to base all of your content, CTA’s and strategies around one of those personas to get the most out of your marketing.

What do your persona’s need?

A big part of creating personas and thinking about an ideal customer base. And a good practice is to put yourself into their shoes and realize what they really need. These are called “pain-points” and building your strategy around these follows an inbound methodology.

What current content can you use?

Transferring over to an inbound strategy should be all about answering questions. This is what Google’s newest algorithm is based around as well. Look at your current content and think of how you can breathe new life into it taking this approach.

Where are your customers?

When thinking about personas, you also need to think about location. This doesn’t just mean their physical location it also means where they are online. Facebook? Twitter? B2B customers on LinkedIn? Prioritize the most lucrative outlet and include them in your strategies.

Why are you wanting to change to inbound?

If you’re thinking about Inbound we already know that you are wanting to create a better overall experience for people that interact or buy from your business. Becoming an inbound business means a lot more than that. It means that you have to genuinely care about them, and to give them good information…at no cost. Doing this builds trust with your prospects and in the end, gives you a better customer lifetime value.

I am the founder of NOW Marketing Group where we offer a full service marketing company to assist small to medium sized companies excel at online marketing:

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