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How to create a Buyer persona

How to Create Buyer Personas

What is a buyer persona and how do you use it in inbound relationshipmarketing?

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4E Rules for Post Engagement

Not sure what types of posts work for social media?

Use our 4-E Checklist for creating posts that will boost engagement and grow your following:

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video healthcare

How to use Video Marketing in Healthcare:

There’s been a large shift in the need for healthcare branding – including doctors, physicians and other practitioners – all propelled by various factors in the marketplace. Broadly speaking, the shift is due to empowered patients and growing competition.

More than ever before there is a need to attract and engage patients as they take an informed and proactive role in their healthcare decisions. Empowered patients are seeking authoritative information and recognized providers with leadership reputations. Since being visible is vital, branding is a clear pathway to remaining top of mind.

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Hiring Inbound Agency

Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency

Are you wanting to take advantage of online interaction for your clients and potential customers? Are you using blogging and social media to reach out to them and form relationships?
Marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, with different specialties and talents. But there are core values and skill-sets that make some better than others.

Strategy & planning
Frequency of interaction
Cutting edge technology

You will learn about the 11 most important values to consider when choosing an inbound marketing agency.

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19 things that successful companies do with their social media marketing

Top 19 things that successful companies do with their social media marketing

The Internet is filled with rich information on how brands should engage in social media. What are common themes for the individuals and brands who are rocking the social scene?

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Inbound Marketing Explained

Inbound Marketing Explained

With the rise in social media and the information highway, consumers are savvier than ever. In our fast-paced world, marketers are competing for time and attention. In this age, how do you get your product or service to rise above the noise.

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4 Major Strengths

Comparison Chart of the 4 Major Strengths Theories

Why should I worry about strengths?
Each employee has their own unique qualities — strengths — which, when unlocked, can maximize your team’s productivity.

Which strengths program would best fit my team?
With a strengths program you will understand how to make better use of the unique qualities of each of your team members. We recap four of the biggest in our comparison chart.

This chart covers:

  • A brief overview of each program
  • Who created the concept
  • Cost
  • And More!

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