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“Jessika and the NOW Marketing Group are innovative and creative in social media platforms. Jessika is always willing to assist the Small Business Development Center with training and client relations. It is my pleasure to work with such a talented group of people.”

Kathy Keller

Small Business Development Center

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How to Capture Attention, Amplify Your Message, and keep them coming back for more.

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With the use of technology and automation rising, more brands are struggling to connect and build relationships that last with their customers.

Traditional marketing is dead. Now more than ever customers need honesty, transparency, and a human connection with their favorite brands online.

Keynote Topics

Dark Social:

How to Exhort and Influence in the Next Wave of Marketing

So, your audience is spending more time on social media than ever before but your analytics aren’t aligning with the trend? But what if you knew why nearly 80% of your traffic isn’t being accounted for and why leaders like Gary V., Mark Zuckerberg, and Mari Smith are declaring the future of social private?

Messenger marketing, niche social channels, private groups- today we, as brands, must be invited to the conversation. It’s time to decode Dark Social to grow organic engagement and raving fans without the constant pay to play model.

  • Discover how to lead a Dark Social Community Destination to Capture Attention, Amplify Your Message, and Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More
  • How to Use Dark Social in your Favor to Grow Word of Mouth Referrals
  • Communication Techniques to turn your followers into true fans, your clients into advocates and your community into collaborators

amplify our message

From Disruptor to Desired How to build a Craveable Brand

With organic engagement reaching a low .09% average in 2019, how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant pay-to-play model? We are in an age of digital content saturation and now we are finding ourselves pushing to move our brands to the top of a sea of samesies. What we do is not unique, but how we do and share it can be. The key is to capture attention, amplify our message and keep our audience coming back for more. Ultimately, we are becoming a destination that attracts the right leads to your message without the constant need to spend more money on ads.

In this fast-paced, example-filled session we’ll learn:
  • How earned media allows you to accomplish what used to be only possible with paid.
  • Best practices to turn your followers into true fans, your clients into advocates and your community into collaborators without an ads budget.
  • The art of capturing attention organically for today’s consumer and the flywheel formula and tools it takes to keep it.
  • How to take your message and become the “stand out” take-notice brand amongst the sea of “samesies”.

Community to Conversions

How a $100 Ad Spend led to $100,000 in new business

In this presentation, we will walk through the story of how the Mr. Manhole company turned one video ad into a deal worth $100,000. I will break down the exact formula I used to get leads, sales and over 6 Million views in 4 Days with companies such as Cheddar, Mashable, Tech Insider and Mashable sharing the content. Literally turning potholes to pots of gold using video ad marketing with organic community engagement.

Together we will learn:
  • How to craft the right message that generates sales
  • Where to place Ads for maximum exposure
  • What you need to set up before spending $1 on Facebook
  • How to leverage your community for conversions

sales + marketing

Build a Smarketing Plan Aligning your sales and marketing teams

With over 80% of consumers not trusting marketing messages and word of mouth being the best generator of new sales
The sales funnel doesn’t exist anymore.

In this workshop we will breakdown how to build a relationship marketing plan within your company from start to finish.

Relationship ROI -

Driving Business Growth by Amplifying Relationships Online

60% of the sales cycle is over before a prospect even talks to a representative at a company and nearly 53% of prospects that we speak with will not be the right fit for your company. So how can we align our brands to build the right relationships with our ideal clients to increase ROI, reduce churn, and grow word of mouth business?

In this workshop, we will uncover how you can manifest the right relationships that will grow abundance and momentum in your business. We will dive into real authentic relating techniques and relationship marketing tools that we can apply to any business online and in-person that will double your leads in 12 months.

Passionate. Knowledgeable. Helpful.

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  • Inc Best Workplaces 2022
  • Emerging Business of the Year
  • Young Influencer of the Year by the Lima Young Professionals in 2014
  • Forbes for Agency Success in 2016
  • Social Media Examiner, Creative Uses in Social Media in a Non-Traditional Industries 2013-2015
  • Top 12 Rising Stars of Social Media in 2016
  • Top 33 Rising Stars for Social Media in 2017
  • Featured in Inc., Voice of Bold Business, and AgoraPulse
  • Inc. Feature
  • Social Media Examiner: for creative uses of social media in healthcare and insurance industries
  • TabSite: for creative uses of social media in a non-traditional industry
  • MPI Magazine: for internet marketing within non-traditional industries
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